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I guess I didn’t know that the Mobile Gaming market is growing, but I suppose it was only a matter of time before somebody made joysticks for mobile phone games. In the case of the BGP100 Bluetooth Game Pad, these controllers are wireless.

The BGP100 has a 4-way pad for directional control, and seven programmable buttons for whatever else the game requires. As you can see, these controllers can affix themselves to the side of the mobile device with the use of included rubber strips.

Just think of it as turning your mobile phone into a mobile gaming device like a PSP or DS, and the BGP100 is also designed for Pocket PCs as well as Pocket PC Phones. The BGP100 supports a number of platforms including Window Mobile 2003, plus the Symbian Series.

As for power, the gamepads are powered by a 1.5V AAA battery, which is good enough for three and a half hours of continual use. As far as the range is concerned, it is about 55mm with the smartphone or Pocket PC in the middle, but it can also be used from a larger distance with the Bluetooth-enabled mobile unit sitting on a desk.

The BGP100 Bluetooth Game Pad is available from the Smarterlife Web site for a price of AU $128.45.

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Can't find what You're looking for? Try Google Search.

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