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Readers who have been following us on this blog for more than a year or so must have had a glimpse of the LG Watch Phone which we reviewed back during CES 2008 but at that time, it was nothing more than a prototype kept behind a glass to amaze the audience.

Coincidentally, the LG Watch Phone managed to surprise the audience again here at CES 2009 but with the only difference that now its has grown into a fully functional and operable device.

It features a touch-screen surface for dialing numbers on a virtual keypad and the bearer can even send text messages thanks to a virtual T9 keypad.

And if you are not impressed by the LG Watch Phone already, let me tell you that it even features a multi-functional music player, has almost 70MB of internal memory and bears a tiny camera on the front which can be used for video conferencing. Cool eh?

It comes in a range of colors namely black, red, blue and silver and will be available for purchase in the European market by end of this year.


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