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Editing, enhancing or having fun with photos in your iPhone is not a dream anymore as the latest 3Gs iPhone is now furnished with an auto-focus mechanism taking 3 megapixel images. A look around the internet will show you rather decent photos taken by iPhone as people quit printing photos – who will when with a few taps, they can share theirs instantly.

Plenty of photography apps are available for that cause, be it subtle enhancements or quirky modifications – It’s time to put your new iPhone on play and show off to your friends! In this article, we put together 20 Free Photography Apps and recommendation of some good paid apps. On top of that, we’ve also included 10 best Free Video Applications. Free apps after jump.

Photography Apps

  1. Free Photo Filters
    Free photo filters app provides filters include Lomography Filter, Poloarizing Filter, Black and White Filter, Retro Effect Filter and more.

  2. SP Photo Fix Lite
    You can fix your photo (brightness, contrast, sharpness, hue, saturation) before sending it by email directly on your iPhone.

  3. PhotoBox
    PhotoBox is the all in one solution for the weekend warrior photographer, giving you a large range of photo filters and effects.

  4. iRetouch Lite
    iRetouch List is an advanced image retouching application for iPhone.

  5. Photonasis 4.0 Lite
    Photonasis is the must have program for anyone who’s into photography and wants to add very nice touches into his/her photos.

  6. PhotoCurves
    PhotoCurves enables you to create your own filers: tones and contrast.

  7. Crop for Free
    Crop for Free is an utilities for your iPhone to crop your photos, retains image quality, rotate your photos and ability to crop multiple times before saving.

  8. Photon
    Photon allows your entire photo and video collection securely stored in the cloud and available on your iphone with musical slide shows and editing tools.

  9. Puri! Lite
    Puri! Lite is a photo sticker booth that you canbring with you everywhere. With the latest update, you can show off your great photos to your friends on Facebook with a click of a button!

  10. Real Cam LE
    Control your iPhone camera with built-in screen touches. Everything you need to control and set up your camera is in the same live preview screen.

  11. Polarize
    Want to add a funky retro look to your photos? Polarize will do the job for you!

  12. AA+ Shake Pic Lite
    Shake your device to open Pandora’s box, in simply 2 steps and see what amazing outcome you’ll get.

  13. iSwap Faces
    iSwap Faces morphs one person into another for everyone’s entertainment.

  14. SP Photo Cal Lite
    The easy way to create a calendar for your iPhone wallpaper, using pictures from the Picture Library.

  15. Comic Touch Lite
    Make your photos come alive by giving them the Comic Touch. Add balloon to give your subjects thoughts and words

  16. iFunto Lite
    With your photograph, iFunto will merge it with fun and interesting background and you will not be able to stop laughing.

  17. BeamCatcher
    BeamCatcher is the free app that lets your friends and family wirelessly share photos with you.

  18. Private Pics
    The perfect application for anyone who wants to keep people from accidentally seeing their private pictures.

  19. Rotzy Photo Sharing
    Rotzy helps you share and discuss everything around you through photos and send photos to Twitter, Facebook, Thumblr and your own website. You can even use it to create your own mobile photo blog!

  20. AroundShare
    AroundShare integrates with your existing blogs, social networking sites and tools like RSS, Flickr, Twitter, WordPress blogs, Google maps and more.

Video Apps

  1. Video Downloader iWoopie Lit
    iWoopie Lite can search global video portals (Youtube/DailyMotion and match more), watch and download videos to your iPhone.

  2. Wiki Tap
    WikiTap uses special tools geared towards phone-centred community participation. Community members upload relevant videos, pictures and audio-commentaries into the larger knowledge community.

    The 12seconds iPhone application allows you to create and post fun slideshows on the go!

  4. Comcast Mobile App
    The Comcast Mobile App is an iPhone app from Comcast Cable Communications that lets you read your email, check your digital voice mail and get TV and Movie information on your iPhone.

  5. Joost
    Watch over 46000 videos from Joost on your iPhone or iPod touch with this free app Store app download from Joost.

  6. AppVee
    AppVee is the largest and most extensive resource for professional, high-quality video reviews of iPhone applications.

  7. Air Video Free
    Air Video Free is a fully functional ad-supported application that allows you to stream videos to your iPhone over Wi-Fi. You don’t need to copy the videos to the device.

  8. Air Cam Live Video (Lite)
    Air Cam Live Video for the iPhone is a great application for viewing your live webcam feeds over local, Wi-Fi or 3G and EDGE networks.

  9. Pixelpipe
    Liberate your media with Pixelpipe and get your photos off of your iPhone and out to your favorite social network, micro-blog, photo/video and blog services. Video uploads from the 3GS at original resolution up to 200MB.

  10. CNNMoney (News, Stock, Video)
    CNNMoney iPhone application delivers breaking business news and comprehensive market coverage from the leader in business and financial news. The application includes news, analysis, financial data and original video content.


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