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A lot of people depend on their mobile phones in every aspect of their lives, from talking to family and friends to business, from emailing and texting to playing games. When someone is so reliant on their mobile phone for almost everything they do, it will be quite aggravating when their mobile phone's battery dies at the time they need their phone, not to mention in an emergency. I will tell you a few tips and tricks to extend your mobile phone battery's life and make it last longer.

1. The easiest and most effective way to preserve your mobile phone's charge is to switch your phone off when not in use. When you're going to bed, or going to work and are not planning on answering your mobile phone, just switch it off.

2. Try not to put up wallpapers. They might be nice and cool to look at - but you won't be saying that when you need your phone and you can't switch it on because the battery is drained. Wallpapers use a lot of energy and power so by not using them it will increase battery life. Why not just put a nice picture up instead?

3. Turn off your Bluetooth when you're not using it. Bluetooth uses up a LOT of your battery life so if you aren't using it just switch it off. Or, switch to a regular corded headset, because they use less power. Also, leaving your Bluetooth on when not using it allows hackers to just hack into your phone, which you don't really want.

4. Only use your ringer OR the vibrate function for calls, but avoid using them both at the same time. A lot of battery power can be lost by using the vibrate function alone, so using both can put an overwhelming drain on your battery.

5. Turn down the brightness of your screen. The screen sucks a tremendous amount of power from your battery, just like the screens on laptops. Visit your phone's settings menu to find the screen controls and lower the brightness to increase battery life.

6. Try not to play games, scroll through pictures or watch videos too often, as these functions use a lot of power. This is especially important when you know you'll have to wait a long while to charge your phone.

7. Charge your mobile phone less often as charging when you don't need to (say, when the battery is at 50%) will reduce the battery's capacity. On average, cell phone charge lasts about 3 days so it is unnecessary to charge more often than about 3 days, depending on your phone of course.

8. Try to avoid playing music without earphones. When you listen to music make sure you are listening through earphones and not just through the phone. Playing music without earphones will decrease battery life faster than when you listen music with earphones as your phone uses more energy and power to play the music without earphones.


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