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There was a time when hearing about an 8 megapixel mobile phone camera would have inspired a look of disbelief and awe to the average mobile consumer, now it’s pretty much a ‘ho-hum’ syndrome. Nevertheless, for the photo buffs out there who like having a good camera in their mobile handsets, Samsung’s M8800 Pixon may just be the one for you. But truth be told, this is how it really fared. You can decide if my opinion on the handset is a valid argument for or against the purchase.
Before I begin let me just state, for the record, Samsung, unlike some of the other manufacturers doesn’t usually provide me with an ‘out-of-the-box’ handset. By that I mean it’s merely a test piece and I can’t say with certainty that the handset is in pristine condition or won’t have issues. But some things are quite standard and universal to all handsets of the same model, so here’s what I can tell you anyways.

Form Factor

It's a simple enough design. If you’ve seen one touchscreen handset you’ve pretty much seen 'em all. The large display, in this case 3.2-inches with a 240 x 400 pixel resolution, is a bit of an issue when in bright sunlight. It tends to be overly reflective if not held at the right angle. It has three standard buttons under the display – Call Take, End Call and the center circular one is a Return key. A VGA camera is located just near the light senor that’s right beside the earpiece.
On one side is a microSD card slot followed by a shortcut key and a screen lock button. Samsung’s proprietary universal port is located at the top which is actually a good idea in terms of placement as it makes it easy to plug in the hands-free (which incidentally is equipped with a 3.5mm socket and volume control for the Audio out or earphones) and carry it around in your pocket without making the handset wider than it already is. On the side are the Volume/Zoom and two dedicated keys – one to access the library for media (video and image only) files and the other a shutter release for the camera.
An LED flash accompanies the 8MP camera at the rear. The camera itself does tend to bulk up the handset a bit though.
The all Black Pixon with the lined sides is in no way a bad looking handset. But like I explained earlier, it doesn’t really create an impact because of the rather generic design that handset’s like it tend to embody. There's not much one can do about it though if you’re in the market for a totally touchscreen handset.

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