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An update for Google maps has been released, and one of the main improvements is that Google Latitude finally works properly. In case you haven’t been in touch with Google Latitude, it’s a feature that keeps track of your current location and allows it to be shared with your social network, and now it can work in the background.

* Background location updates: Google Latitude background location updating has been fixed and allows you to continue updating your location automatically in the background even when Maps for mobile is closed.
* Auto-restart location updates: If you turn off your phone or it ran out of battery with automatic Latitude location updates enabled either in the background (see above) or with Maps left open, Latitude will respect this choice and automatically restart location updates in background mode when you next turn on your phone.
* Force location updates: Manually refreshing your Latitude friends list also forces the update of your own location if automatic detection is enabled.
* Login errors: Several fixes completed to address multiple causes of login errors for Latitude, such as invalid certificates.
* Backlight behavior: Your device backlight should turn off according to your system settings when Maps or Latitude is left open in the background. Previously, Latitude may have kept your backlight on when in the background.
* Internal error: Selecting a friend in Latitude to see more info and options will no longer cause internal errors on some devices.

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