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Pageonce, a Palo Alto company we have been following, will is releasing its Cell Minute Tracker, an application that wipes away the ugliness of cell phone bills with the beauty of the iPhone.

Starting tomorrow, Pageonce users will be able to access real-time minute balance, alerts, and bill payment at any time during the billing cycle, making it easy for individuals and families to track and manage minute usage.

Pageonce CEO, Guy Goldstein, cites multiple cases in which families were hit with exorbitant changes due to lack of visibility into the family’s cell minute and text usage.

The recent case of a Wyoming family who got hit with a $4,000 charge when their teenage daughter sent 10,000 texts in one month highlighted the importance of knowing how many minutes your family members are using before you receive your monthly statement.

Pageonce’s mobile app has some cool features. Beyond the standard bill and usage view, Pageonce will enable users to:

* Receive alerts when they’ve reached 90% of their minutes’ limit and when bills are due
* Breakdown information by family member
* View and pay phone bills directly from Cell Minute Tracker on the iPhone

As far as security is concerned, Pageonce has implemented 128 bit SSL encryption, insured by a top 10 A+ rated insurance carrier and a four digit passcode lock capability.

Download the application for $0.99

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Can't find what You're looking for? Try Google Search.

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