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This sounds like an April's Fools, but Intomobile has picked up a report from Ted Schadler, an analyst at Forrester that seems to think that the iPhone could be a real communication asset to companies. We did not fork the $749 required to read this gem, but according to Simon Sage from Intomobile, the report says that iPhones can save on many fronts: cost of the device (the employee buys it), the back-end infrastructure (no need for a Blackberry server), efficient web browsing.

The idea of removing the "Blackberry Tax" is not new at all: it was in fact the cornerstone of Windows Mobile's strategy when Push Email was introduced. Employees could use their own device, there's no need to have a Blackberry server and wireless data plan and so on... What the iPhone adds is better web browsing and shininess, we guess. By the way Nokia has support for Exchange too. Often, companies believe that Blackberry is more secure and employees end up in trench warfare with their IT department. There lies the real problem.

But we think that the lack of physical keyboard on the iPhone kills it for those who type a lot. Secondly, Blackberry has a much better deal on international data. Blackberry might be better in on-board data encryption too… that’s another story.

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