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Could this be the first genuine contender to the Apple iPhone's touchscreen crown?

The ink's not dry on your Nokia N96 contract yet, but the Finnish favourite has thrown another hellacious handset into the mix. Its first ever touchscreen offering!

As expected, Nokia has officially announced the 5800 Express Music phone we've come to know as the Tube.

Hot details include a 3.2" full touchscreen it's calling "the best mobile screen of all time."

Interestingly there's four differing input methods to suit all the horses and all the courses. A full-screen qwerty keyboard, handwriting recognition, a traditional phone keypad on the screen and a plectrum (it is a music phone, after all).

There's a 3.2-megapixel dual flash camera with a Carl Zeiss lens, and 8GB of storage for your music that Nokia hopes you'll be picking up from the new Comes With Music service. They've also packed in some pretty powerful speakers too and we'll have more on that once we've had a hands-on.

One of the key innovations allows you to store your four favourite contacts, complete with photos, on the home screen storing your entire history with that person. Messages, emails and calls exchanged as well as Facebook status updates through the RSS feed. Neato.

Speaking of the internet, the 5800 is fully compatible with Flash meaning you'll be able to browse "the whole internet". A not-so-sly dig at its biggest rival, the iPhone.

Perhaps the biggest positive is the price. You'll be able to grab this phone now for just 279 Euros on pay-as-you-go. About half the price of the iPhone.

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