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If you want to make your Torrents search a little bit easier, just go with TorrentFetcher that is a handy utility program. It contains both torrents search engine and the results lists. You can enter a search phrase and start the search for torrents right away. Moreover, you can configure advanced options like the number of results that you want to have or a specified category. This tool will bring up to 1000 search results. Meanwhile, the categories include the usual games, TV shows, Movies, Software and Music. Moreover, the search results will contain the names, size, seeders, peers and date. As the Torrents are color coded, you can see on the very first glance if a torrent is well seeded or not.

Some Important Features:
• Search through multiple pages of torrents at once.
• Automatically move downloaded torrents to a specified output directory (good for bittorrent clients that monitor a specific folder, like uTorrent).
• Automatically launch downloaded torrents.
• Know which torrent files you already have in your downloaded folder through automatic highlighting.
• Results highlighting lets you know if a torrent is well or poorly seeded or if it has negative comments left about it.
• Automatic detection and removal of “denis stalker” trackers using the MonoTorrent library.
• Minimize-to-tray option to keep the utility handy at all times.
• This download is freeware. All features of this program are available for all to use freely.



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Can't find what You're looking for? Try Google Search.

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