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USB disks , memory cards and hard disks are very easy to use and operate . But they are very prone to accidental data loss and damage . The use of an online or offline backup solution would disasters associated with accidental data loss from hard disks . But memory card and USB disks usually contain files that we change frequently .Few of these devices store data in magnetic medium and memory elements that we can recover using file recovery softwares .So here we have few free alternative applications that could help you to recover deleted files from memory devices and hard drives.

File recovery applications are useful if the deleted files are recent and the space is not replaced with new files .

Disk Digger helps you to recover deleted files from Memory Card or USB easily

Disk Digger is a free application that can recover deleted photos, documents and other files from USB flash drives, memory cards , memory stick, and hard drives . It can scan formatted and damaged memory devices and recover dispersed and hardly readable data . It has two operation modes dig deep and dig deeper . The first mode is really fast , but recovers only very few amount of files . Second mode takes it time to scan deep and get maximum possible data .The application doesn't require any installation as it runs completely in the system memory . Preview of the recoverable files will be provided as sown above . Click the required one and save .

Download Disk Digger .

Recover deleted files from memory card and USB using PC inspector File recovery 4:

PC inspector will recover file formats that are not recoverable by other free applications .Supported formats includes ARJ AVI BMP CDR DOC DXF DBF XLS ,EXE GIF HLP HTML HTM JPG LZH MID,MOV MP3 PDF PNG RTF TAR TIF WAV and ZIP. After scan , the application will list the deleted images , programs ,photos and archives in a browsable window as shown above . Browse through the files and folders and select the files that are to be saved

Download PC Inspector File Recovery .


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  1. Brent Sigman  

    Job well done guys, quality information.
    free usb file recovery for mac

  2. Manish Kumar  

    Use any digital media recovery tool like Kernel for digital media recovery software to recover every deleted, formatted data file from computer hard drive and save in your hard disk. For more details visit here :

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