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Dubbed as the “first ever application to save Facebook accounts to a local machine or device”, SocialSafe is a fun and interesting newly-launched desktop application which enables users to download their valuable Facebook data and photos for safekeeping. Users are able to manage their photos, tagged photos, profile information and friends’ contact details offline on their computer of choice quickly and without any hassle. This offers Facebook users peace of mind, allowing them to fully enjoy their Facebook connections knowing that they can be accessed whether or not they are online.

Built on Adobe AIR’s plaform, SocialSafe works on both PCs and Macs. The backup tool comes at a relatively cheap price at only $2.99 and the folks there say that it’s an introductory offer and won’t be in place forever. There are currently no trial version. Once activated it will save all your friends, all your photos, photos friends have tagged you in, and the personal information you’ve added to create your profile. All stored locally, all available to upload to your Facebook account again, when in an unfortunate case that your account has been hacked into or deleted without warning from the Facebook team.

It’s rather heartbreaking to see all your precious photos and important data to disappear into thin air if your Facebook account is being hacked into, deleted or even lost. You may think that your account will be very safe and this wouldn’t happen to you. Well, no web service out there is infallible and nothing is impossible. Also, for certain reasons, you would like to view your account in an offline mode with all your photos on your computer for viewing. With SocialSafe, it helps you avoid the time-consuming process of downloading each photo or album one at a time.

So if you don’t want to become frantic whenever all your friends’ contacts and thousands of photos which you’ve uploaded are lost, then why not give SocialSafe a try! It’s cheap, effective and fun.

SocialSafe Intro Video from Pascal Wheeler on Vimeo.


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