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It’s indeed a dream pairing. Social networking are meant for IT savvy people. Gamers, are, one of the biggest IT savvy groups in the world, looks to be the perfect people to fall into the charm of social networking. Both parties, game makers and social networking companies, tried countlessly to win the gamers over. But did it work? Well, I personally feel that it’s not likely.

First of all, let’s talk about the most likely place to lure them in: Facebook. In my school, my entire cohort gets to buy and use laptops (macbooks) and bring them to school for study. Of course, games are not allowed. However, most of us found a “clever” way to continue playing but avoid being caught.

Well, the game is known as Mousehunt. Guess what, it has taken our school by storm and everyone’s playing it. It has been surprisingly popular- only needing to click a button once every fifteen minutes.

However, will it draw actual gamers in? I doubt so. My first online game was Neopets, and that was few years back when I was 8 years old. Since then, I tried the online gaming known as Xbox live, and I will never go back to “refresh games”. Now, how will this apply to gamers?

Most gamers will not be enchanted by this. Many will like the RPG system, but not actually play it, because there are already many other alternatives.

Moving on, there are games on facebook which is meant for gamers. For example, Guitar Geek. It is in simple terms, a Guitar Hero/ Rock Band clone. However, its VERY lacking. Instead of licensed songs from famous bands such as Green Day and Nine Inch Nails, it gives you songs which seem to be inspired by people screaming in hell. Really, its target audience would already have games a hundred times better.

No matter how fun a rhythm game is, you need to have good syncing. That doesn’t come. You see, when you play on consoles, you need to click the strum bar whenever you hit a note. However, you don’t need to click anything expect those few buttons. It instantly loses it’s “feel”. When you click or hit a note in a “professional” game, you get that satisfaction that you are winning, something you don’t get in this game. Besides, whether are the plastic instruments? It has been a few years since Facebook and Myspace boomed, and most gamers are using them. Now, people are using that spark. Tune in next week where I reveal top top few gaming sites which tie in to Social Networking.


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