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Let’s say you love reading technology blogs like TechDew and Techjuice4u. However, what if you are interested in finding out more about the technology world by checking out similar blogs with the same content. Using Google may solved your problem, but sometimes the results provided are not relevant to what you want to find. Here’s an alternative that specializes in helping Internet users to find related websites with the same niche.

With the World Wide Web growing at an exponential rate especially in developing countries like China and India, webmasters and bloggers around the world create millions of blogs to attract readers. When content on the Internet becomes largely available, it poses a problem to users – difficult for us to find handy & useful content. Called SimilarSites, it is a user-ranked and web-based recommendation search engine which aims to provide easy access to related content at whatever form by enabling users to search for similar sites in an efficient way.

All you need to do is to punch in a website you are currently browsing or like most into the textfiled provided, and within seconds, SimilarSites will then displays the sites that resembles like the one you are looking for. When I tried out the micro-blogging platform Twitter using SimilarSites, I was pretty surprised by the results. I have expected micro-blogging rivals Plurk or Jaidu. However, the top three results are TwitterFeed, TwitPic and TweetScan respectively.

It also comes with a Firefox and IE browser add-ons that helps you find similar sites and related content while you surf without much effort. SimilarSites is powered by SimilarWeb which is a browser sidebar dubbed as ‘discover without searching’. It works exactly the same as SimilarSites with some tweaks.

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Can't find what You're looking for? Try Google Search.

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