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This is a new type keyboard and claims the world’s smallest USB keyboard? This tiny type keyboard brings only 56 keys complete with a retractable USB cable. This is as compact as your palm and gives you a different experience. You can have this keyboard by paying just $29.99.

Some important features :
• Low keycap notebook keyboard with 56 keys
• Fn/Num lock change function
• Static resistant magnetic, field disturb resistant
• Silent switch feeling, feel comfortable
• Smallest, slim and easy carrying
• Retractable USB Cable for easy carrying

Mechanical Specifications :
• Total Travel: 3.0+/-0.1mm
• Inital actuating force: 25cn min
• Operating Force: 55+/-7cn
• Function: normally open contact

Electrical Specifications :
• Insulation Resistance: 100M OHM at 100VDC
• Contact Bounce: 5ms max
• Operation Voltage: +5VDC+/-10%
• Operating Current: 250mA max. at +5VDC
• Lift time with electrical load: 10 million min
• Storage temperature: -20C to +70C
• Operating temperature: -20C to +60C
• Humidity: 30%-95%RH with non-coagulation

Package :
• USB Smallest Mini Keyboard x 1
• Retractable USB Cable (USB to Mini USB) x 1
• User Manual x 1

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Can't find what You're looking for? Try Google Search.

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