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TeleNav aims to augment the performance of its recently launched TeleNav Shotgun two-way, Internet-connected GPS personal navigation device that targets those in the business community who do a whole lot of traveling. With the TeleNav Shotgun, users are able to keep easy track of just how many miles they've driven instead of performing mental calculations by taking a glance at the vehicle's mileage counter. The mileage information accrued will be available over My TeleNav for two years before being discarded. This makes it a whole lot easier when you want to compile your expense reports without wasting too much time on it, although we think subtracting one number from another isn't going to take up too many minutes of your life unless you're really dim. In addition, the TeleNav Shotgun also offers customers with reviews for various points of interest (POIs) such as restaurants, hotels and shopping malls, where you can then leave a rating while detailing your experiences there with a short description. The TeleNav Shotgun also offers access to the latest map content by hooking up with the TeleNav Connected Service, Other features of the TeleNav Connected Service include real-time traffic alerts, Internet search with over 11 million business listings, updated maps, online preplanning, and access to selected new features when they are available. You can pick yours up today for $239 with a 2-year plan, while those who want to halve that amount of time will have to fork out $129.

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