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How many of you have wanted to acquire a keyboard that you can just keep in your back pocket? I'm talking
about a full-sized keyboard which you can roll up and take with you wherever you go. One such keyboard is
now available for purchase at Brando and, for only $40 a pop, you too can have one.

The black keyboard, made of silicone and dubbed simply the "USB Internet Phone Flexible Keyboard", is said to be waterproof, silent and indestructible. Although it hasn't been built with a separate numeric pad, it provides a considerable number of features that users can find useful both at home and away from home. The ultra-slim form factor makes it lightweight too, weighing only 242 grams, which makes it easier to be carried around. There is also a separate non-flexible side, which has been designed to provide support to Skype users.

This keyboard's Skype capability includes a built-in Dial Pad, Microphone and Speaker. You can easily connect it to the PC through a USB, which will also provide you access to its USB hub, featuring two separate USB ports that support USB 1.1 devices. The keyboard is compatible with the latest Microsoft operating systems, namely Windows XP and Vista, thus being a device accessible to a wide range of users.

Besides it foldable feature, the USB Internet Phone Flexible Keyboard also has strong selling point in its Skype capability. Offering a MIC and a built-in speaker, this keyboard provides its users with the right tools for a fully-fledged VoIP "handset". The flat design will allow users to type more easily, while also preventing stress to the wrists.

The downside of this $40 foldable keyboard is that it doesn't provide support to Linux or Mac users. However, other than that, it looks like a nice enough product.

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