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When ASUSTeK released their first Eee PC, the portable computer market had never seen such a product. Aimed to provide users with a product that was both affordable and equipped with a decent number of
features, the Eee PC has had some considerable success. Other manufacturers have taken Asus' product as a
model and then released their own version of the Eee PC. One such company is Hong Kong-based Bestlink, which has recently released its Alpha 400 notebook.

This notebook has been featured with a price tag of $250, which also includes shipping. The rather small price tag will provide users with an ultra portable that features a 7-inch LCD screen, most probably the product's most significant feature. The Asian company had to make a few compromises in order to get to lower the price so much. In the end, all those compromises can be seen in the technical specifications of the computer.

Acquiring an Alpha 400 notebook will mean users will get a portable computer that features an Ingenic Semiconductors 32-bit XBurst CPU. This central processing unit has been designed to work at a frequency rate of 400MHz, which appears to be enough to satisfy both the unnamed Linux OS and Windows CE. You will also get 128MB of RAM memory and a maximum storage space of 2 GB on a flash-based internal storage solution. The technical specs clearly separate this product from all the other Windows XP capable portable computers.

Alpha 400 has USB support, which you can use to extend your overall storage capacity. When it comes to connectivity too, Bestlink was also forced to make serious compromises. The notebook doesn't provide WiFi support, but an Ethernet port is available. There are two USB ports and you will be able to connect a headphone or a Mic device through the provided Audio ports.

The Asian-made notebook measures 8.3 x 5.6 x 1.3 inches, has a total weight of 1.5 pounds and is apparently available in six colors.

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