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Logitech, the company that has made heads turn with the release of its G15 keyboard and the MX Air mouse,
has just released a new product. Meant to offer an alternative solution to notebook users, the V450 Nano
Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks is now available for purchase in the US and is expected to arrive in Europe in early July.

If you are a Logitech fan, you probably know that the company is famous for releasing some of the highest performance products available on the market. The company's mouse lineup includes the famous MX Revolution, MX Air and the gaming ready G9 Laser mouse. With the introduction of the V450 Nano cordless laser mouse, Logitech plans to grab hold of a better market share among notebook users. The mouse, which was announced on the May 21, employs an advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology to provide users with a high performance product. The 2.4 GHz standard is used for all of Logitech's Nano lineup.

The mouse can be connected to any notebook computer that has a USB port, but it can also be used for a PC or Mac system. The small receiver, which is also dubbed Plug-and-Forget Nano, enables the Nano mouse to be available for instant action. The advanced laser sensor is said to deliver smoother tracking and better precision for any surface, making the product more reliable. With two AA batteries, users will not need to worry about the mouse leaving them stranded, as the batteries are said to last an entire year with a single charge.

The mouse can be purchased online, by visiting Logitech's webpage, for a price tag of almost $50. At this point, the V450 Nano Cordless Laser Mouse is the company's second highest priced notebook-ready mouse, the VX Revolution being featured with price tag of $70.

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