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We have recently brought you news about a product that was meant to capitalize on Father's Day, namely the
ESPN's Ultimate Remote. It appears that there's yet another similar product that aims at providing media
enthusiasts with a new remote control experience. This time around, the manufacturer is famous for its DVD and Blu-Ray product lineup, namely AMEX Digital.

The new remote, which goes by the name of RM-mp1, looks rather simple but is advertised to provide users with a number of significant features designed to improve the quality of their media experience. The remote can't be used for your regular TV set, but it provides all the media functions you will need, with support for computer systems. This is because RM-mp1 has been designed with a Wireless USB technology, rather than IR or a proprietary RF link. This technology allows the AMEX product to work as a media remote, a presentation controller and for general PC control.

The product's PC capability includes a built-in touchpad and mouse buttons, offering probably the same experience as any other notebook computer. The remote also provides a dedicated slideshow button, which can be used with presentations and photo galleries. At the bottom, the remote features a large Media Center/Start menu shortcut button. This will probably make movie watching on a PC, a lot more fun.

Other technical specifications include a single 3.7V battery, which can be charged via USB. AMEX Digital throws in even a Wireless USB dongle to link the remote with the computer, if the technology isn't available. The product is quite slim and at this point there's no word on price or availability. What is certain is that RM-mp1 will only work on Windows-enabled computers and will be available in black and white versions.

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