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If you recently happened to visit Alienware's website, you might have noticed the American vendor's recent
offer. However, if you haven’t done this yet, here's a little insight into what they are now offering to extreme
users. Their high-end desktop computer system, Area-51 ALX has just received a new performance upgrade. Alienware users will be happy to know that they can acquire their favorite extreme rig with an Intel Core 2 Extreme processor, pre-overclocked at 4 GHz.

The company is renown for their high performance gaming-ready computer which can satisfy the needs of both desktop and notebook users. Their recent relaunch of the Area-51 ALX desktop system is just another example of the company's goal of providing the biggest and meanest gaming rig available on the market. The little Martian systems can be recognized by the company's logo, embedded in their chassis. These systems are also known for using the latest technology in computer hardware, in order to provide users with the best gaming experience.

The starting price tag, for an Alienware Area-51 ALX desktop system is set at $4,600, which will not provide you with the pre-overclocked Intel Core 2 Extreme processor. Customizing your system to provide you with the high computing power of the overclocked processor will raise the price tag bag by almost another $1,000. The system, which is built on a nForce 790i SLI-enabled motherboard, is clearly not meant for your everyday office applications. With this high price tag, the Area-51 ALX desktop provides a reliable high performance computer solution to enthusiasts and gaming users.

The system is obviously water cooled and will provide its user with the best Area-51 ALX desktop ever. That is, if you plan to spent way over the starting price tag.

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